Decorating our first Christmas

In preparation for this special time of year, two major decisions had to be made... #1-Real tree or fake tree and #2- Colored lights or white lights. Well, after long hours of debating cutting down a tree in the wilderness, buying a well overpriced tree from a lot in town, or taking advantage of riduculous low prices on fake trees at our local big box stores... we decided to go with a fake tree. We know, we know... those of you who have never had a fake tree in your life are wondering how in the world we could start off our first Christmas with a fake tree. However, those of you who have grown up with fake trees, you're probably thinking "I'm so glad they made such a smart decision early on in their marriage". Think of all the mishap fires and water we are saving! Not to mention JT's excitement when he saw how evenly and neat the branches spread out to make the most perfect Christmas tree you've ever seen. And yes, Macy won the second decision by default, because our pre-lit tree came with white lights! Oh, I almost forgot to mention our first established Christmas tradition: our Santa hat tree topper.
Since all this decorating happened a few weeks ago, here's a more recent picture of the finished product. Complete with presents under the tree.