Married Life

September 10th, 2007

So we have officially been married for 58 days... "honey, can you believe it's been that long?" Words cannot describe the joy and excitement we have every day. As JT says, "I wish I was born married". God has blessed us beyond measure in every way possible and we are eternally grateful and full of praise.

Five weeks into marriage we were still jobless, sleeping in, taking care of wedding aftermath duties, and loving each other to the fullest extent. Daily we would seek God's wisdom on a variety of things: JT's decision to plung into a seminary master's program, our employment opportunities (or lack thereof), our career paths, our family, our future... and the list goes on. Day by day He started bringing answers to those prayers. Macy decided to get a full-time job, while JT would start online courses for his master's program and also look for employment. After Macy had 4 possible leads for jobs, none of them were shaping up to anything... then came the phone call. It was an territory manager of the Denver Newspaper Agency calling to say that they had a territory position available and would like to offer her the opportunity to "come on board". After discussing it with her husband, this was an opportunity they both couldn't refuse. The following week she started work and is now ending her third week at the Denver Newspaper Agency. Meanwhile, JT's desire to go to Seminary grew and he signed up for 6 online credits through Dallas Theological Seminary. Those 6 credits are made up of two courses: Intro to World Missions and Intro to Theology. And from what we've been told... 6 graduate credits equal about 12 undergrad credits which equals a lot of studying. JT had also been looking for possible job opportunities and last week National Cinemedia called him and offered him a full-time position in support sales. They do all the advertising proposals for AMC, Regal, and Cinemark theatres. JT accepted the position and started today! It is surprising how quickly you "grow up" once you're out of college and start your career path.

Today was a whopping 65 degrees outside and Fall is just around the corner. We're excited for the season to come and lite our first fire tonight... Can you believe Macy's favorite holiday is almost here?! CHRISTMAS!! Before you know it, Christmas tunes will be filling the house.....