Weddings, Family, & Celebrations

The past month has been a whirlwind of events and celebrations with friends and family. In early December we traveled to the great state of Arkansas for Jordan's (Macy's cousin) & Brittany's wedding. We had a great time with our family & hanging out as cousins. Slowly but surely the family is expanding! I guess we just got the ball rolling in July.... what can we say, somebody had to be the first!

Pa-Paw Ray & Maw-Maw (Macy's grandparents) w/ the groom.

After the wedding, we came back home to finish Christmas shopping and prepare for the most wonderful time of the year. JT's grandparents, Bapa & Nama, came to visit & we hosted Christmas Eve dinner in our house. Another tradition to add to the list: Spaghetti for Christmas Eve dinner! Jack, JT's dad, wasn't able to come home for Christmas, but we did have him on speaker phone during dinner, so in a round-a-bout way, he was there!Christmas morning, we headed over to JT's parents house for breakfast, presents, & Christmas dinner. We had a wonderful time laughing, telling stories, recalling old memories, and celebrating Christ's birth. Here's a few photos to sum up the day...

Nebraska's biggest Rockies fans...

Bapa, the family master woodworker, gave us a nativity set he made from scraps of all types of different woods. He created one for his family over 30 years ago, which traditionally they pull out and display in their home every Christmas. It is a complete stable with hay on the floor, a ladder which leads up to the shepherd's sleeping quarters, and a star carved out on top. Thank you, Bapa, for such a meaningful gift!

We dreamed of a white Christmas and this year it came true! Merry Christmas!