Solitude, Swing Music, & Salt

Tonight I find myself with an empty house and am geting things done that I seem to have put off over the last few months... answering e-mails, watching a movie I've been meaning to see, organizing little pieces of paper, memorizing verses, and writing a new blog. :)

JT is up in Fort Collins tonight with our friend and fellow CSU grad, Tom Ziegler, as they root on the CSU Rams in their "less-than-winning" season. Tonight they are playing the Air Force Academy and... oh, this just in... the Rams have seemed to have lost this one by 2 with only 2 seconds left in the second half. Man... at least their consistent, right? Now, if we can just seem to keep any leads that we have against halfway decent teams, we just might be able to win at least one conference game before all is said and done.

Anyway... on to more cheerful topics. Today I bought Kosher salt for the first time, and have placed it beautifully in my "salt" glass dish given to me by one of my best friends, Stacy Carlucci. It was one of the gifts she gave JT and I for our wedding and I've been meaning to buy the correct salt to put in it so that it can sit in its perfect place... to the right of the stove. If any of you have watched the Food network... you know where I'm going with this. Yes, I'll admit it, I dream to be the next Rachel Ray/Paula Dean. Every time a delicious dish is made, they dip their fingers into their salt dish and sprinkle the seasoning around. So, who knows... this may all lead to me having my own cooking show one day (even if it only airs the waves of our home and my only audience is my family and friends watching "live"). All in all, Stacy, you have no idea how happy my night is because of that little salt dish. Oh, and you'll all be happy to know that Christmas tunes have now left the speakers of our house and they are currently being replaced with swing music. Yes, while my husband is out Frank and his friends are keeping me company.

Cheers to all and please keep in touch. We miss you and love you!
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