There is no place like Nebraska...

We love corn. Especially when it's in reference to the great state of Nebraska. This past weekend we packed our bags and headed east to watch the Nebraska Huskers take on the Kansas Jayhawks in a three game baseball homestand. Our best friends, Ben & Stacy Carlucci, invited us to caravan with them and their parents for a short weekend to Lincoln to watch Eric Newman (Stacy's cousin & Huskers pitching coach) lead the team to a 2-1 series.

JT's grandparents, Bapa & Nama, also live in Lincoln and we were able to spend some quality time with them as well. We had a great time visiting with them & eating yummie crepes & sausage for breakfast one morning. This was a special visit for us because we wanted to see them one last time before we moved to Dallas.

Friday was spent driving 7 hours to Lincoln and then watching the first baseball game that night. On Saturday, we had a delicious breakfast with Bapa and Nama and then met Ben & Stacy and their parents over at the Red & White game (Nebraska football Spring game). The game was sold out to 84,000 screaming fans, so we watched it on the jumbotron outside the stadium located the practice field. As the game was winding down, we headed over to the baseball game that afternoon and watched the Huskers pull out another victory against the Jayhawks.

Sunday morning we attended Bapa & Nama's church and met a lot of their good friends. For lunch, Bapa made his homemade recipe for crepes & sausage and it was delicious. We really enjoyed spending some time with them visiting before we had to leave. After lunch they dropped us off at the field where we watched the last few innings of Sunday's baseball game and then it was back in the car to head back to Colorado.
On our way out of town we ate at Nebraska's famous pizza chain/buffet, Valentino's... let's just say there is a reason this franchise hasn't landed in the great state of Colorado. But hey, we all paid to get full and no one left hungry... just a little bit underwhelmed. Here's a photo for you to imagine our experience...Yum, I can still taste those deep fried corndogs now. You might ask who has corndogs in an Italian buffet? The answer... Valentino's.

All in all it was a great weekend spending time with friends & family and we are slowly but surely starting to make a pretty lengthy "to-do" list of all that needs to get done before we move... update on that to come.

(JT, Macy, Muriel, Stacy, Don, & Ben)