Great is Thy Faithfulness

After a lifetime of God pursuing her heart, Marcy has dedicated her life to glorifying the Lord. Over the past three years we have witnessed a miracle only God could do. He has refined her heart into a heart that fears and loves the Lord with more passion than many people we've ever known. She is a woman of deep faith and conviction, and everyone in her life knows it.

It was just a week ago that she told us she wanted to get baptized. We both were so excited it moved our hearts to tears. JT said, "If you were to tell me 3 years ago that my mom would be baptized, I wouldn't have believed you. What God has done in her life is nothing short of a miracle." It was our pleasure tonight to see an outward expression of what has inwardly happened in her life. She has been washed in the blood of Jesus and been forgiven of her sins, and desires to love him for the rest of her life.

Watch and be blessed...