Moving week

Once we arrived back from Spain we took a big breath and focused our efforts for the week ahead which would be full of friends, family, and oh yeah... packing :)

On Wednesday night we decided to go see the midnight showing of Indiana Jones with Kathy & Richard. You know how sometimes the atmosphere or weather or emtional or physical conditions can make the memory of an event rather than the actual event? Well... that's what happened with this midnight movie excursion. Two things made this a very memorable evening: #1- Spending one of our last nights with Kathy & Richard & #2- Watching JT listen in on every word of the high school couple on a date sitting next to him (this was obviously their first date ie: sweaty hands, awkward conversation, giggles here and there... it was halarious how entertaining this was for JT.) Oh it brought back the days of high school...

In referring back to my comment earlier, these moments were more memorable to me than the actual movie. This attempt at a sequel will only get about 1 star from us, and that's only because Harrison Ford was in it. In other words, you can wait to see this till it's on DVD.

The remainder of the week was spent wrapping up loose ends in Denver, packing our last few items, & cleaning Jack's house. One lesson we both were taught growing up was put into effect "Always leave things better than you found them". So Jack, if you're reading this, be expectant of a spotless home, well... at least to our standards. Below is a picture of us outside "our first home"... haha, just kidding, this is actual one of the biggest blessings we were given in our first year of marriage, a home to our semi-permanent stay in Denver.
Early Saturday morning was filled with "see-you-later's" (instead of goodbye's) and Macy's blessed Chick-fil-A. Good thing we left after 6am to catch the fresh batch of coffee & chicken biscuits (If you haven't tried it, you need to. One word, delicious.)

Our mom's have always prayed for our safety, especially when we travel. During our drive down we saw the evidence of their prayers, literally. We were busting through the plains of Oklahoma when we saw tornado funnels forming right before our eyes. Tons of cars and their passengers were pulled off to the side of the road to witness this phenomenon and take pictures with their cell phones. We joined them for about 2 minutes and then heard the warnings on the radio that we should continue on our way and head south (the storm was headed north). Not more than 5 minutes later did we hear over the radio that a tornado was touching down right at the exit where we had pulled off. Whew. Thanks to our mom's prayers... we missed it by just a few miles.
(If you look closely you can see the funnel half way up from the ground)

After that, bright sunny weather lead us the rest of the way south on I35 towards Dallas, where we were welcomed, U-haul, Cavalier and Jeep, with gorgeous 92 degree weather. Joy. I knew we had been praying for Summer to get here sooner, but what happened to our 75 degree weather? Oh yeah, we can enjoy that as an evening low in Dallas. With the help of Todd & my parents, we got everything moved into storage, where it will sit until this next Thursday, when we will get all of it back out to move into our apartment. Let us go ahead and answer your question before you even as it: We had to move our stuff into storage this early because Macy had to start her job & JT had to start his Greek classes before seminary housing would let us move in. For right now we are staying in the home of some Sinclair lifelong family friends, the Dodgens. We have enjoyed fabulous music, wonderful meals, and great times of laughter. JT was sick with a head cold for about 5 days and all in all slept about 12-15 hours every day. He's going to need it with the summer Greek courses coming up.

Well, that's all for now until we can add more pictures to the post tomorrow (now added, enjoy!). It's bedtime y'all!