1 year down, 79 more to go...

July 14th, 2008 marked the first milestone in our marriage, our 1 Year Anniversary. Because the 14th fell on a Monday, we celebrated the Saturday before. We started of the day celebration at Northpark Mall & enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at Corner Bakery and then walked around the mall and went shopping. We even made a stop by Bed Bath & Beyond and bought curtains for our living room! (pictures on that to come)

The running joke between JT and I for our anniversary is that he was going to take me to Chipotle for our anniversary dinner.... very funny, I know. Well, he's joke actually became a reality because that is where we went for lunch! After that the rest of the day was an big unknown to me. JT had it all planned.
We get in the car and JT gives me a map with directions on it so that I can be the navigator and all I can tell is that we're headed out toward the airport... I have no clue what's just north of the airport... tumble weeds? After about 40 minutes of driving we pull up to a place called The Gaylord Texan resort & conference center. I can't do this place justice with words, so you'll have to see it yourself. He had planned a wonderful couple's massage for the both of us and then spent some time walking around the recreation of San Antonio's river walk & reminiscing the week of our wedding.
That evening we attended their famous Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre, “Missed Fortune”. While we stuffed ourselves with dinner, 6 characters performed their play in the midst of our tables and even interacted with the crowd. It was very entertaining and we really enjoyed a fun night!
On the 14th, I walked in from work and was greeted by the most beautiful arrangement of flowers. JT had gone to the local florist and had a custom arrangement put together of all of the flowers from our wedding. I loved it! We ate one of our favorite dinners that night, spaghetti and caesar salad, and I even used our candle votives from our reception as decoration.
We can't believe it's already been a year! God has blessed us in so many ways and we look forward to what is to come in the many years ahead!