Kathy Came to Visit!

Over Labor Day weekend, Kathy, one of my best friends from Colorado, came to visit! I've known Kathy since high school and believe it or not, since I've moved, this was the longest we've gone without seeing each other... crazy! We had a blast when she visited and here are a few photos to tell of the fun:

Believe it or not, Texas has the brightest sun. You always need your sunglasses no matter where you go. This pitcure proves it... our faces look ridiculous. After we picked up Kathy from the airport we headed to her first experience of Ikea, the world's greatest and largest furniture store!Our aparment tower had a giant cookout for all the residents & we played the usual water volleyball. Here we are making our favorite meal, Spaghetti! Yum!Here we are, in Dallas, decked out in CSU gear, watching the Rocky Mountain Showdown between CSU & CU. Go Rams!!What would a weekend with Kathy be without shopping?! Here we are at the Galleria, our largest and most expensive mall. You know you're in front of a store you can't afford to walk into when there is one purse in the display window with a security camera pointed towards it.
The Galleria is a large mall... 4 stories tall. Enough Said.All in all we had a fabulous weekend and JT and I were so happy she came to visit us in Dallas! The good news is that we get to see her again in 13 days... when she marrys her best friend and love, Richard. Can't wait to see you Kath!
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