How could I forget the State Fair?

After I finished writing the last posts, something didn't seem complete. I felt like I was leaving out something big... oh yeah, that would be the State Fair of Texas! My first experience of the fair was about 4 years ago, and JT had never been before. There is tons to do at the Fair, and we got our share one afternoon on a Saturday. We ate the famous foot long chili dogs & corny dogs, saw plenty of exhibits and shows, and then I remembered something I saw 4 years ago that I was hoping was still there.... and sure enough, Mr. Pig was right where I left him last time. Pictures can't describe the full amazement or smell of Mr. Pig, so you'll just have to come with us next year and witness for yourself.
He is massive.

Here we are with Big Tex! He runs the show of the State Fair.

Hope to see all y'all with us here next year! Come on down!