Being crafty

Last weekend, JT and I decided to be crafty. Yes, this was an idea that was spurred on by my husband. How great is he?! It all started when we were in one of our favorite stores, Crate and Barrel, looking at pretty things. We saw these paintings on the wall, and in our frugal minds thought, "We could paint those ourselves".... so we did.

It started with one trip to Michael's and a wonderful Saturday afternoon.

We even bought the tray to mix our primary colors in! Flashes of elementary school came back when we were trying to remember how to make certain colors.
This was JT's first creation. Each box is a completely different color.
Tada! The boxes and stripes were done by JT and I did the leaf one in the middle.
The paintings are sitting behind our table in our living/dining/family room :)
After the project was finished. We stood back and realized how fun the whole process was! We've now decided that we want to do something "crafty" every month. Who knows what next month's project will be!
Last weekend was also Superbowl Sunday! Our church had a party and played the game on the big projection screen. Too bad my team didn't win (always root for the underdog). I enjoyed making my chocolate footballs for fans to enjoy :) This is how crafty I can be thanks to It's a great website for easy, creative, simple meals!