Florence Day 7

Our day started out bright and early meeting outside at 6:50 AM... only to find out that our train wasn't coming until 8:15 because of it was a holiday, The Assumption of Mary. So, we decided to incorporate Snuggs into some pictures.
Snuggs is JT's stuffed animal from when he was a kid and he has taken him on every trip with his dad. So, for old times sake and to make for some hilarious pictures, we try to see how we can get snugs into a picture and make a "Where's Waldo" game. Can you find him?

Our train ride was less than "cooling", but once we arrived to Florence, all was well. We stayed at a wonderful family run hotel named the Katti House. After a quick clean up and naps to recuperate from a long day traveling, we headed out to the streets of Florence to watch the street vendors, tourists, and do a little bit of shopping as well.

Jack and I bought sunglasses in Italy. Here were are modeling in the streets outside the store.

For sunset, we went to the highest hill on the south side of town and watched the sun go down. It was absolutely breathtaking. We stared right at the sun and watched it sink over the Tuscan hills.

For dinner, we walked down the hill and ate a wonderful restaurant and of course, ate more carbs of pasta and bread. Delicious!

This is a night view of the most famous bridge in Florence, the Ponte Vecchio.

Florence is known to have the best Gelato in all of Italy. I'm am happy to testify that the books are correct. Can you see how excited I am?

Built in 1296, the Duomo cathedral is a lit up at night and there are tons of people all walking around the city enjoying all that Florence has to offer in ambiance and charm.