Italia here we come...

Summer has been busy and full. Thankfully we've been blessed with the planned trip that will start this Saturday. We're heading to the beautiful and historic country of Italia. 

JT is taking is Hebrew final tomorrow morning and I'll be finishing my last day of work for the week. Oh, Saturday morning can't come soon enough. We're looking forward to spending time with each other and Jack, JT's dad. The actual reason for the trip is so that we can spend time with his dad as well as visit the memorial in Italy set up for the company that JT's namesake Col. John Thomas English was apart of. We'll be there for 11 days and will be traveling to the following cities: Rome, Tremensouli, Pisa, Cinque Terra, Florence, & Venice. 

I'm looking forward to taking lots of pictures... and hopefully perfecting my craft of a photographers eye. We look forward to sharing lots of stories and photos once we return! Ciao!