Rome Day 4

Since Jack was unable to visit St. Peter’s Basilica with us, he decided to go there in the morning, while JT and I went to the catacombs, outside the city walls of Rome. The Catacombs are underground Christian burial sites. Christians refused to practice the pagan act of cremation because they believed that one day the Lord Jesus will come back one day and raise the dead. The Catacombs are on the outside of the city walls and go 7 stories deep. Out of the 60 catacombs that are around Rome, only 5 of them are available for tourists to visit. The particular catacomb that we went to had 7 kilometers of graves! Sorry, no photos. Cameras were not allowed.
That afternoon we caught a train and headed south about an hour and a half to a small town called Tremonsoulli. Let’s just say the upkeep of the trains (cleanliness), is a little underwhelming. Marcy, you would’ve had your windex and paper towels out the entire time. J We road along the coast looking at the beautiful country side and filled our time with reading.

Oh, how I love the views of the Italian coast!

Tremonsoulli is set along the cost among the hills. When we arrived to the memorial, no one said a word and we looked at and pondered what it was like for Grandpa English to fight in the war in Italy. In the far off distance you could see where the Gustav Line was and the trek that his company faced to push them back and break down the line. The fighting that was done essentially pushed the Germans to the north and out of Rome entirely.

It was a quick visit, but the time that we were there was moving and very impactful. Our taxi driver even gave us a brief overview of the landscape and where the war was fought.

Once back in Rome, we had dinner near the Coliseum and enjoyed its beauty for the last time.

Tomorrow, taking the train to Pisa & Cinque Terre!