Vernazza Day 6

Cinque Terre is made up of 5 small coastal towns all just a few miles apart from each other. There is a hiking trail that you can take between each, but we decided to just hike to the one nearest us and enjoy the best views.
We woke up early to a cool morning of 68 degrees. After a quick breakfast we started on the trail and within 5 minutes were realizing that this is not your paved-easy-breezy walk. This might as well be a hike in the mountains of Colorado, but you have the views of the ocean right next to you.

About half way through the 90 minute hike, Jack’s shirt was soaked. If you’ve seen along came Polly, you’ll be able to notice the scene we’re reenacting. “Let it rain!”

Monterosso might as well be the beaches of Mexico. It is by far the most commercialized town in Cinque Terre and you can happily rent an umbrella and two chairs for a small fee of $200. Back to Vernazza it is! The beach and sun are calling our names….

Too bad no one told us to look out for the Jellyfish. JT was stung after we were only there for about an hour. Let me go ahead and answer your question... no, he did not pee on it. A very nice italian lady gave us some cream and I went to the pharmacy to get more medicine. Later, JT said that this is the worst pain he's ever experience in his life... ouch.

So, we sat in the shade, read our books, and people watched the entire afternoon. For dinner, we decided to grab a local bottle of wine, wood fire oven pizza made to order, and sit out on the rocks for our last dinner in Vernazza. It was a cheap dinner, but so tasty and the views were once again priceless.

Oh, bella Vernazza!