Welcome to Rome

After 2 hours of driving, 11 hours of flying, 3 hours of waiting, 30 minutes on a train, and 2 ½ hours of walking to our hotel (ask me about that later)… we’re finally in Rome! Once we got settled in our room, we took showers along with a quick power nap and then headed out to the streets of Rome.

Just down the street from our hotel is Santa Maria Maggiore. As you can tell from this picture, there are many things to admire and marvel at on every street corner and especially in the churches.
After getting lost but enjoying everything in sight, we look to our left down the street and see… the Coliseum. How magnificent that it is just right in the middle of the city!
Next to it are Roman ruins, which we also took many pictures of. It is easy to be in awe of the history that stands before your very eyes.

Tomorrow we look forward to visiting the Pantheon & the Vatican.