Venice Day 10

We were early to rise on our last full day in Italy. Our hotel had a wonderful breakfast waiting for us downstairs. Our bags were packed because we had a full day of sightseeing and then back to the hotel to head off towards the airport.
That morning we took a water taxi all the way up the Grand Canal only to head back down it... that's because we had a Rick Steves tour to guide us down the canal. It was wonderful to sit on the boat, listen to Rick and look around as he was pointing out palaces, local markets, and interesting homes of those famous from the past. I thoroughly enjoyed this part. I could be on a boat all day long and be completely content.

After finishing our boat tour, we caught the next boat that would take us out to the island of Murano. It is famous for glass blowing. We paid to get into the museum and then quickly discovered that the visit was by far the worst museum in all of Europe. Not really, but close enough. I did get one really cool picture though of some glass pieces from 1 century AD!

Once we returned to Venice we enjoyed one last afternoon of shopping for our friends and family back home. We also grabbed a quick bite to eat and some final sweets... Here's JT with his giant block of Milk Chocolate. Yum.

We went back to the hotel for our bags, said goodbye to Venice, and then hopped on a water taxi to head to the airport. We knew that we had an hour and fifteen minute ride to the airport...

What we didn't expect is the baton death march we walked to get to our hotel.... all because we refused to pay 20 euros for a taxi to take us there. JT and I convinced Jack that we walked this far and hard through Italy... we're not about to start taking taxis at the end. Clearly, from the photo, you can see the sweat and fuming anger has moved into hilarious laughter.

This was a fabulous way to end our trip! Haha. On a serious note, we enjoyed a great pizzeria that night and reminisced about our trip.

We are so blessed to have Jack in our lives and are thankful to have such a wonderful traveling partner. We love you Jack!