329 days...

Till Christmas 2010.

After getting married, you realize this new (or old) rule that you have to start sharing holidays. I don't think any girl ever really thinks about this as she's dreaming for her future husband. But once the topic comes up, you realize you have to make the tough decision every year, and then hope that both of your families don't think you're picking favorites. To all my lady friends out there who are going to have to make these decisions for the first time... don't worry, the first year is the hardest, second to the following, and so on. So basically, by the time JT and I have been married for 20 years, this will be a piece of cake... hopefully :)

For our first two years of marriage, JT and I spent Christmas with his family. For Christmas 2009, it was the Sinclair's turn. Since JT and I have moved to Dallas, my parents have also relocated back to their "home" town (this is where they met and got married), so all the brothers & the sis-in-law were heading to Dallas to celebrate.

Chris flew all the way from Thailand to surprise both my parents. We worked out a fabulous plan to surprise them at dinner... and despite their suspicions, they were still ecstatic and could barely believe their eyes. Priceless.

Sam came up from Houston and Kate & Charlie drove in from Nashville. And we all rendezvoused in Magnolia, AR. This was very exciting for everyone on the Sharp side of the family because all cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents were going to be present. I think the last time we were all together like this was probably 6 years ago.

Here's a snapshot of what you'd find in Magnolia on Christmas Eve:

That's my Uncle Sam and here's his HUGE dog rightfully named, Dozer. 

We headed to my grandparents house for dinner where Aunt Nancy was away in the kitchen cooking up a storm, JT and I were posing by the fire (Christmas Vacation anyone??) and all the family was catching up life.

Here's the the whole fam...

Anyone want dessert??

After our bellies were full and we hugged everybody, we got back in our cars and drove through a snowstorm to get back to Dallas. On Christmas morning, JT and I woke up like little kids and opened all our presents under the tree. Merry Christmas!

Here's the wood bat-rack that Bapa made JT. Now we just need to get his Rockies bats down here to fill it up!

Everyone came to our apartment to celebrate on Christmas day and we had a great time eating, playing games, Sam watching Mariah, and enjoying time with family. 

Here's to a wonderful Christmas, a happy new year, and only 329 days till the next! I love Christmas!