The day we ran 13.1 (Dec 13, 2009)

JT and I woke up that morning wide awake with adrenaline running through our veins. We were pumped to get on the road and pass tons of people! We were also anxious for what the race would be like. Neither of us had ever run in a large race before and didn't know what to expect.

We started off the morning at my co-workers apartment right above where the start line was. We were meeting up with a few other co-workers that were also running the 1/2 marathon that day.

Below we could see thousands of people starting to get in line and then we took that as our cue to go get in line as well. JT even spotted Tracy from this season's Biggest Loser! It was so neat to see all 20,000 people come out for the race and get pumped to see how quickly they could finish.

After many miles and quite a few songs on the ipod... we sprinted towards the finish line and even held hands as we crossed! It was such a great experience for us to train together and also run the entire race together. There were definitely moments of encouraging each other and sheer exhaustion... but it was all worth it.

Now... we're even talking about running another 1/2 in the Spring and then shooting for the goal of doing the full marathon in next year's White Rock.

Can I actually say out loud that I might really enjoy running now?... nope. I'll just type it for now :)