Thanksgiving recap... 37 days later :)

Last night, amongst casual conversation, my friend stated "Oh yeah, I noticed the other day that it's been a month since your last update on your blog". Now, she didn't mean harm by it... but it was a huge reminder for me of two things: 1. That the past 37 days have been slammed packed with things and 2. That the blog has fell way down on the totem pole.

So... here goes quite a few blog posts that will bring everyone up to speed :)

We spent and entire week in Colorado and realized then how much we missed it! You really take the mountains for granted when you live there. We spent our first few days catching up with old friends, seeing movies with Jack, and just plain relaxing... it was good to have a few days off from work and school to be able to recuperate.

I spent some one-on-one time with Kathy and we decided to go to Clement park for some fun picture taking.... these pictures pretty much sum up our relationship :)

On Thursday, we went to 24 hour fitness to have a pre-meal workout (plus we had to keep training for our 1/2 marathon that was in 3 weeks). JT and Todd were playing basketball while Jack and I were actually working out :)

Once we got home, we all started to do what we do best...

Jack was on the phone with family (and cooking the Turkey):

Todd & JT were watching football:

Marcy was cooking:

And I was taking the photos.

One thing we all accomplished with class and excellence was stuffing our faces! Happy Thanksgiving!

After our fabulous meal, we headed to the theatre to see The Blind Side. What a phenomenal movie! This is definitely one that we will buy on DVD and watch every Thanksgiving. That evening we enjoyed hot cider, homemade apple pie, and conversations around the fireplace.

On Friday, Todd hooked us up by getting the entire suite to the Nuggets game that night! We were able to invite some of our friends and also meet some of the people he works with. It was a great night to enjoy watching Denver sports and relax before we head back to Dallas.

Before we even got on the plane to come back I had already discussed with JT when we were going to put up Christmas decorations... the next day :) Yay for Christmas. I get a smile on my face just thinking about all that this time of year means. It's really the most wonderful time of year!