A Quarter of a Century = 25 years

Holy moly. I'm old.

On January 21st... I know, I'm behind on posting... I turned a Quarter of a Century! Well... it doesn't feel that old. Ha, it's actually quite humorous the reactions I was getting all day. Anyone that was older than the age of 30 either told me "Gosh, my 20's were the best years of my life" or they said "How old are you?? 21?? are you allowed to drink now?" I guess that's their way of coping with the fact that they're no longer this young :) Anyone that was younger than me responded with the title of this blog... "That's like a whole quarter of a century"! And yes, the younger crowd does include my husband, who is proud to say that he is 4 months younger than me.

Anyway... enough about that. The absolute BEST part of the entire day was hearing from all the people I love most in life. You seriously can put a smile on my face really easily by all calling me at once. Wahoo! No gifts needed, just a phone call. I guess that's the joy of getting older. No more pressure to buy people things because we realize the value of maintained meaningful relationships. They're PRICELESS.

So, thank you everyone who called, emailed, facebooked, text messaged, and even sent a card on my b-day. I. Love. You. All.

Because I love my job and where I work, here's the headlines from my quarter of a century mark on life:
The night of my birthday, JT took me to my favorite restaurant, Maggianos, and then surprised me with tickets to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra! We have not been since we moved to Dallas, so it was a great experience for the both of us. They even had italian creme cake you could purchase during intermission... I got my birthday cake! It was a fabulous evening with my hubby.

The Saturday after my birthday, my mom invited me to a mother-daughter brunch at First Baptist Dallas. When I arrived, I was surprised by seeing a group of my closest friends all at the table! My mom surprised me with a table, decorated specifically for us, and with dear dear friends. Somehow she surprises me every year with something! Thanks mom! Here are some photos from our brunch:

All in all, this was a great way to celebrate a great 25 years of life the Lord has given me. May He bless me with another 25!
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