May rivals December

Okay... I officially sat down to write this blog on May 14th.... and am just now finishing it. I had intentions of completing it many times, but instead... just kept adding to it and telling myself that I would post it "tomorrow". Well, tomorrow is finally here and so here's the length May post:

I was talking with my mom this past weekend about how busy May seems to be every year, to which she said, "It rivals being worse than December". Which after thinking about it... she's right! Before you know it, each weekend is filled. Birthday's, graduations, weddings, and the beginning of summer and laying out by the pool are what fills up our May this year.

May is almost officially over and I thought I'd catch you up on the latest. Starting off the month, I had a girls night out with some of my dearest friends here in Dallas. We're all "seminary wives" and we all LOVE mexican food! We had a great time stuffing our faces and then heading over to Pink Berry for frozen yogurt... has anyone else noticed the craze with frozen yogurt? By far my most favorite dessert of all time is ice cream, so this of course, is a natural favorite as well. I do say I have to go the fruit and tart route rather than the fake chocolate and cookies. Here's a snap shot of our time together:

On May 2nd, we participated in a city-wide "serve" day. More than 30 churches in Dallas participated and rather than having our usual Sunday morning service, we gathered as a church to serve the community around us. It was great to be able to go out with some of the girls in my Junior girls small group and reach out to the community. We had over 1,700 people show up to help out! It was great to see all that was accomplished in one day of service.

On May 14th, JT and I headed 4 hours east to Magnolia, AR along with my mom and dad. It was time to celebrate the annual Blossom Festival. My Maw-Maw was born and raised in Magnolia and that is where my mom grew up. So needless to say, "Blossom" is Maw-Maw's favorite day of the entire year. It's the time she gets to get out of the house and see all her friends and say hello to everyone in the town. The day starts of with a 5k race and a parade, but the main attraction of the weekend is the Steak Cook-off with a glorious steak dinner in the evening. Each entry must participate in the parade to show off their grill, and also perform an act. My cousin and his wife were by far the best act of the entire parade. Farmer was calling the cows home....

Here's JT and I getting ready for the race.

And they're off! (Can you see us?) Look to the far left.

JT finished in just over 21 minutes and I was closely behind him at 23:45. For running in the pouring down rain... that's not so bad!

Meet my sweet grandmother, Maw-Maw. I love her so much.

After the parade we headed back to the house to have some good 'ole Backyard BBQ. Their ribs are to die for.

The Cowboys even decided to grace us with their presence by supplying all of the charcoal for the cook-off. They even brought their 18-wheeler to showcase all their memorabilia. Here's my parents, along with my Uncle Sam & Kay Kay in front of the monstrosity.

All in all we had a fabulous weekend and loved being around my family. I love them dearly!

And guess who finally caught up to me in age?? My husband! Yes, I do enjoy the short 5 months that I'm older than him every year. He is now 25 and to celebrate the monumental year, we started off the day right by going to Chick-fil-A for breakfast, then we played 3 rounds of Top Golf (it's a mix of golf, bowling, and darts), went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner (we hadn't been in two years!), and then came home to watch movies and relax.

Delicious Texas Roadhouse rolls... YUM.

Yes... I even told the waiter it was his b-day... and they made him ride the saddle while yelling "Yippee". 

If there's one thing we both love, it's food. So what better way to end the night than his favorite dessert?! Strawberry shortcake.

Well, Memorial weekend will close out the month of May, but that is going to come in the next post. Too much to write and post. So much happened that weekend. 

I definitely have to agree, May rivals December. 

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