Bath, England: Day 3

We did not plan on taking a Bath when we got to Bath… but once we stepped off the train that’s what happened. Pouring down rain till about 6pm that night. We headed out of London and took a train straight east and about 2 hours later landed in Bath. We headed to our hotel way up the hill and then wandered around town for a bit seeing the quaint shops and eateries.

Here are the hills! I knew England had some hills, but London had yet to show me where they were. For as small as Bath is (about 100,000 people) it’s a beautiful and easy to get around.

We headed out from our hotel in our “wind jackets” (I say this because no, they were not water proof and the weather proved that to us) and quickly found indoors at the main church there the Abbey. We just love the architecture and history of all the churches in Europe.

All along the floor of the church are tombstones of those buried below. Who would've thought I would've found my relative! Mary Sinclair (Sinclair was my maiden name).

We found a local pub which had the BEST fish and chips in the UK. Then we had to make stop at the local outdoor store and buy some real rain jackets. Gotta love North Face. After seeing photos of all of us walking around town with black North Face jackets, someone might mistake us for either working for them or that we’re apart of some larger UK family reunion, all dress in the same gear.

The citizens of Bath love their town and its history so much that locals offer 2 hour walking tours for FREE. Did you catch that? Nothing in the UK is free… but thanks to our tour guide, we learned tons about the town and braved the pouring down rain for 2 ½ hours. Because of the rain and fear of ruining my camera… not many pictures were taken during the tour. However I did get some good ones once our tour ended at the Roman Baths! Here’s a picture of the main bath:

And afterwards we went into a room and actually tried the drinking water (no, it’s not green).

As you can tell from my face, this was the WORST water I’ve ever had in my life. And yes, JT, Jack, and I finished it to the last drop. They dared me.

By the time we walked outside from our delicious and refreshing drink the rain had stopped and the sun was out! We decided to visit the Smallest Pub in Bath for a drink (it was crowded) and then walked next door to a shop with really old books. JT purchased a copy of Pilgrim’s Progress from 1858. What a neat shop! Reminds me how much I love local boutiques.

After a cat nap back at our rooms, we headed out for an evening stroll and then wandered till we found a fabulous spot for dinner. Here are a few pics from around town that night.

We finally found Firehouse Rotisserie. One word: YUM. Pizza, pasta, and salad. Straight from the heart of Italy, I swear. 

Now it’s off to bed because we have an early morning with a long trip north all the way to Edinburgh.