Hello London

Yesterday we left our home in Dallas to go abroad for 10 days. Destination: the United Kingdom. We arrived at the airport, checked our bags and then headed over to the security line. “Passport and boarding pass, please”, said the man that stood before the security check point. He looked at our tickets, and then in an upbeat tone said, “Business Class is this line over here”. WHAT?! Business Class?? What does this mean??

Quickly, JT and I smiled and politely walked quietly to the front of the line and made our way to our gate. Holy Smokes! We weren’t expecting this at all! Of course, my mind starts wandering and imagining what it’s going to be like on the plane.

We had about one hour to kill before we started to board, but once we looked at the gate, we quickly noticed that there was going to be a delay… 7:45pm turned into 8:25… 9:10… too bad JT and I took “sleepy time” pills right before we got to the gate. We knew that about one hour after taking the pills we would be out like a light. So now we were walking around the terminal, trying to hold our eyes open in fear of missing our flight or a possible gate change.

Boarding came around 9:15 and we walked down the ramp anxiously awaiting what would be “Business Class”. We knew it wasn’t first class and we knew it wasn’t coach. We see the seating area and smile like kids getting to go to Disney World for the first time and wait in anticipation while other passengers stow their luggage and children. Right then, a woman in front of us turns around and says, “Don’t you just hate it that they (American Airlines), make you walk through the business class to just send you right back to coach?” Needless to say, we waited for her to get past the section before we put our stuff down.  

I don’t think I can describe to you how wonderful this was. THE ENTIRE SEAT RECLINES! It seriously lays back into a bed and props your feet up. I felt like I was onboard a Brookstone plane. (I love that store).  Pam, our flight attendant for the trip, quickly came by to offer us orange juice, water, or champagne. WHAT?! Where am I? There’s a TV in front of me with on demand movies, tv shows, and video games. A quilt for a blanket and a full sized pillow for my head. Now that I’m seriously almost knocked out for the flight, I push a button that says “Zzzz” and within 5 seconds, my entire chair is reclined out into “sleeping position”. Woah!

 No, I didn't take a picture of myself for fear of causing a scene :) So this internet one will have to do...

The pilot comes on the air and notifies us that there is a mechanical issue and as soon as it’s prepared, we’ll be on our way…finally at 11:00 we take off.

After stellar service and a restful nights sleep, we arrived in London just a few shorts hours ago. Bags and all we headed to the Tube (subway) and went straight into London. And what’s the first thing we see when we come up to street level? Westminster Abbey & Big Ben. Wow. What a welcoming sight to see! And England also welcomed us with a light rain and overcast skies.

A short walk to our hotel and now we’re resting a few minutes before heading out to grab a bite to eat and manage our jet lag.

Internet it is sparse, but we will continue to write blogs as we go. Thanks for joining us on our trip!