London: Day 2

We started off our second day in London at one of the most delicious coffee shops in the world… Starbucks :)

After a quick fill in our stomachs, we got on the tour bus and made our way over to St. Paul’s cathedral.

We started off in the Crypt of the church where famous heroes of England are buried as well as tons of history telling the story of the wars that destroyed the church and then who rebuilt it. 

Then we headed upstairs to admire the ornate walls, windows, and ceiling. I had to sneak a few pictures because there are plenty of volunteers and signs saying “no cameras”. (But I think they should allow you to take pictures with no flash).

And of course we took advantage of hiking to the top of the church to see the views of London from the top of the dome. The 360 degree view was amazing!

Like I mentioned in my last post, there are tons of flowers covering almost all the windows of homes in the heart of London. This is a common snap shot of what you can find on the streets of London: tourists and businessman filling the streets with ornate follow arrangements decorating the buildings.

Now for our next stop of the day, we weren’t sure where it was located on a map, so we needed to head to an internet café in order to find the exact location. We were happy to know that it was only about one mile away from where we were. And yes, this was on our list of things to do while in London…

Eat at Chipotle! The first one in the UK just opened up a few months ago and so of course we had to visit. After chatting it up with the general manager, who moved here from the Chicago market, we enjoyed probably the BEST Chipotle burrito ever. They actually have a few different salsas and brown rice (instead of the normal white) and it really made it great! The general manager who is going to be opening their stores in France was also visiting (native from Austin). It made for a fun lunch and just proves that we cannot go a single week without eating Chipotle :)

After lunch we walked around town down the famous Oxford street (known for it’s shopping) and then walked by Hyde park. By this point I had asked JT to carry me the rest of the way, for fear my feet would fall off, but he declined. We finally made it to the Churchill War Rooms museum and I have to say it’s probably the best and most interactive museum I’ve ever been to. I really enjoyed learning the WWII history from the British perspective.

After a quick dinner at an Italian restaurant we headed back to the hotel around 10:30pm. By this point I can’t even feel my feet. But look at how beautiful Big Ben is in the evening! Yes, I’m easily distracted. JT’s solution for me at this point is: Don’t think about it. Okay!

Tomorrow morning we’re heading out bright and early to catch a train to Bath. Goodbye London!