St. Andrews to London: Day 9-10

Now we're hitting the last part of our trip. No! It can't possible be over all ready!  But wait, it's not over.

Our final morning in St. Andrews started off at 6am. That's right, this is what happens when you're on a trip with two men who love to golf. You head over to The Old Course. St. Andrews Links, that is. For those of you who don't know (don't worry, I was in the boat with you until I was told) this is where the British Open was played this year. Right about now, my brothers are reading this and envy is coming over their faces as they see the course that they dream of playing on some day. Did you know that if you're a student at St. Andrews you can pay just $200/year and play as much as you want?! It's almost worth it just to come for school so that you can play on the course all year.

We wanted to get a good look around before the first group teed off. We walked down the 18th hole, took some pics on the famous bridge, and then walked over to the beach to get our last glimpse of our visit in Scotland.

Now it was back to the Inn, pack the bags, and head back to the train station for our 7 hour train ride back to London. It wasn't until about 5 hours into the train ride that we realized there was FREE wifi on the train! What had we been missing out on?? Nothing :) We got some good reading time in, that's what.

Once we arrived in London, we checked into our last hotel for the trip and then went out for our last meal in England... Chipotle :) Ha! You think I'm joking... I'm not. This is a problem when you can't go more than a week without eating eat. It's official. We're obsessed. But hey, we went straight to a pub afterwards to watch the Manchester United vs. Newcastle United. It was a great game and a fabulous way to end our trip.

The next morning we got up bright and early to catch our flight back to the states via the Tube.

All in all this was a fantastic vacation. Busy, fun, and full of laughter and great times. We saw amazing sites and learned more about British history and are so incredibly blessed to have another English Adventure under our belt. Thanks, Jack! Until next time...