Sunday in London

Sunday started bright and early with plans to go to the Communion service in Westminster Abbey. After grabbing a quick breakfast, we enjoyed walking across the Westminster Bridge when there were very few tourists on it. We stopped just a moment to get this picture.

Getting up early in London has its perks. Westminster Abbey is closed to visitors on Sunday, but open to those who wish to attend worship services. The service was at 8am and we were one of 35 people to attend the service. This is either a testimony to the spiritual health of London or that locals are not early risers. I’m assuming the first is true.

 With the service revolving around the Sacrament of the Eucharist, we also recited Creeds and Scripture of the Christian faith. It gave us both a great understanding of where our faith has come from. We really enjoyed the service and afterwards we both said we really felt like we were worshipping the entire time, yet there wasn’t one ounce of music or lyrics sung. Makes you think twice about what worship means.

We especially liked the plea etched in stone on the outside of the church, right outside the main entrance.

“May God grant to the Living – Grace
To the Departed – Rest
To the Church and the World – Peace  and Concord
And to us Sinners – Enternal Life”

Then we headed back to the hotel to meet up with Jack and then headed out for a day of bus touring and walking to see the sights of London.  Our first journey was down the Thames river on a boat which took us to London Tower. I was expecting to see a Tower, not a multiple fortress landmark. 

Once inside, we received a great tour from one of the Beefeaters and then made our way inside one of the towers to see the Crown Jewels. While waiting in line, we actually got to see the changing of the guards.

Did you know there’s a scepter with a 530 carat diamond in the middle?? Needless to say, I was speechless.

And for those of you who have read our previous travel blogs… can find who’s in this picture??

SNUGS!! Of course he joined us on yet another English Adventure. Please keep your eye out for any further photos that he might sneak in to.

Now it was on to the tour bus and over to Buckingham Palace. We didn’t get the chance to go in, but we did manage to take a picture outside… along with the other thousand people there.

 A quick rest in a park right next to the Palace. The trees here are beautiful and unlike any I’ve ever seen. Almost a cross between large oak trees and ivy. The branches almost hang down like willow trees.

Mom, this picture is for you. There are beautiful window-boxes everywhere. Every time I see one I think of you and how much you would enjoy seeing all the colors and designs.

Driving by the famous Hyde Park shows us the famous “Speakers Corner” where there is freedom of speech and large groups will gather round to debate and challenge the speakers. Reminded both JT and I of our college campus.

The famous Trafalgar Square has beautiful fountains and monuments. The suns starting to go down at this point and feet are starting to hurt. On our way to find a spot for dinner, we pass through West End, where all the famous plays and feature films are premiered. This place is buzzing with excitement and people. We even had time to make a few phone calls… or just take a famous phone booth picture.

We found a great pizzeria to eat at… mind you this was now 9pm and we were so hungry and tired. Only about 1.5 miles walk back to the hotel and we were out by 10:30pm. Tomorrow… more sight seeing and…. Walking… boy our feet are starting to hurt.