Fall happens

Seasons of the year come and go and then before you know it... 2 months have flown by. Can you believe it's already OCTOBER?! Craziness.

In Dallas, the summer is hotter than Hades, but once the cooler weather comes... there's nothing that feels better. JT and I have been enjoying the weather with times at Top Golf, hanging out with friends, and visiting places native to Texas.

The last time we went to Top Golf it was for JT's birthday weekend, but this time was just a random, spur of the moment kind of thing. Because we had an hour wait ahead of us, we headed over to the batting cages to swing a few. This was quite entertaining mind you because I can't even remember the last time I swung a bat... maybe 3 grade in T-ball? And it was so fun! JT decided to be macho and go to the cage with the 80 mph pitch. I think it got two solid hits out of about 15. Makes you appreciate what the pros can do!

And here's me swinging in the 30 mph cage :)

Here's my stud showing off his mad golf skills:

A few weekends ago, some girls and I left our husbands to watch football all day on a Saturday to make a hike out to the Texas Native flea-market: Canton. After an hour drive east and a few miles down an almost hidden road, there lies a 40,000 vendor pavilion that houses all types of trinkets and "junk". Mind you, junk is what we like to call hidden treasures that can be transformed into something fabulous.

YUM. Corndogs.

Seriously? Caravans of covered motor carts were clogging up the aisles of already crowded areas. Too bad they didn't have horns to warn you they were coming through.

Born in Texas!

We wanted a picture with the word canton in it... I'll take what I can get.

The past few months have also been busy with photo shoots! Business is starting to pick up and I'm loving photography more and more with each shoot. Check out my blog to see the latest!