Annual Goals

Each year JT and I set aside a morning/afternoon to go over our annual goals. We'll take time to first review our goals form the previous year (always set in January) and then celebrate ones that we met and re-challenge ourselves on the ones where we fell short.

We've set aside this afternoon for our goal setting and I already know one on the top of my list: WRITE MORE BLOGS! Mainly this blog serves as a place where friends and family can come and read the latest on our lives... which I'm sure some of you are thinking "Did you fall off the face of the earth?" The last 2... okay 4... months of our lives have been very hectic, but filled with wonderful moments with friends and family. I'm sure I'll do a lot of back-posting in the days to come to show you some of these great moments.

For now, please check back soon... as I'm sure my goal setting experience with JT with get my head on straight for 2011 :) It always does. I wouldn't rather set goals with anyone else in the world.