Goooo Biiiigggg Rrrreeedddd.... GO BIG RED!

This past football season JT and I went to as many Nebraska games as we could... so that amounted to 2 :) Our good friends, Abby & Jared Perry, are from College Station and guess who was playing the Aggies this year? None other than the mighty Cornhuskers... okay, okay, we all know how the game turned out... but at least I can say I experienced Kyle Field, which if I'm trying to be as objective as possible, was quite amazing.

We left late Friday night to head down and half way there we made a pit stop at Sonic, where else?!

We were tempted to go to Midnight yell... and yeah, that didn't happen. But our morning did start early with the famous breakfast tacos... that have the Aggie brand on them?! Now that's a little overboard.

Even though the game was "un-eventful", Nebraska for some reason couldn't pull out a win. Good thing we still have our friends!

This was one of the brightest spots of the entire weekend. Meet Maggie. Isn't she adorable! AND she doesn't shed! We love her!

I do have to admit they put on a pretty good halftime show.

The other game we were blessed to go to was the Big 12 Championship game at Cowboys stadium. Todd and Marcy flew down for the game and we were blessed to have tickets from one of Marcy's clients. How fun!

Are you beginning to see a theme here? JT and I are NOT good luck for the Huskers. We show up to a game and the team decides not to. It's quite depressing. We're all hoping for a bigger and better team this next season in 2011.

Until September... GO BIG RED!!