Sports anyone?

Yes, let's go back to when I was 7 or 8. I pretty much tried every sport in the book for at least a season and one that stuck for at least a few years was T-ball/Softball, but never golf. Turns out there is a place in Dallas where you can play golf and while you wait for your open tee, you can play at the batting cages to pass time.

JT and I went to Top Golf to have fun on a random Saturday this past fall... when baseball was still in season and we were in the habit of watching ALL the Rockies games thanks to our MLB package (thanks Todd & Marcy)! So JT was in the spirit of being a hot-shot and decided to go to the cage were the pitches were 80 mph. Yes, I'm feeling like this is going to be good. I got a few pictures... and even a video. I however, decided to stick it safe with the 35 mph balls. That's a good safe speed at which I can hit, believe it or not. All I gotta say is, "Tulo... you better watch out". I just might become the next Rockies Franchise Player.

Good thing I got this on film...

He hit it! Way to go, babe!