Tacky Sweater Party

Okay, so it's time to catch up from a lack of being on the Blog. Who doesn't mind celebrating a little belated Christmas?? Or depending on which way you look at it... we're celebrating early!

This post goes out to all the families and moms out there who hear about all these couples at seminary, but can never place faces with names. Not sure that everyone in this post wants this to be the picture they're known by... so maybe I'll do another post soon with more "attractive" pictures :) But for now, here are (most) of our friends here at DTS!

Note: Names are listed above the photo

Josh, Jenny, and Jayla Howlett
(haha, yes... that's a Christmas tree on his stomach)

Ashley, Anthony, and Adilyn Pratt

Kristen and Luke Mathews

Daniel and Emily Attaway

Stephen and Jared (no they don't go together)

But they do! Stephen and Megan Partrick

Jared and Abby Perry... and Joby

Jared and Abby Perry

Rylin and Joby Crane

another one of Rylin and Joby

Amber and Jonathan Holmes

Daniel and Emily Attaway

Will and Claire Cook

Tony and Vandi Melton

JT and Macy (that's us)

All the girls (LtoR, Top to Bottom: Claire, Emily, Abby, Megan, Amber, (Joby), Rylin, me, Kristen, Vandi, Brooke)