Chris & Some Contractors

This past weekend we had 6 hands instead of 4. My brother Chris came into town to help us out with our house. Unfortunately, major demo was not on the agenda... instead, steady hands, a paint brush, and lots of paint was.

That's right. The final coat of trim needed 6 hands and an entire weekend of labor to finish. Rather than posting tones of pictures of trim... I'll just post a few :)

Chris came in at 7pm and we grabbed dinner and then got back to work. No rest for this English fam!

Friday's Agenda:
- Patch all the drywall
- Remove all wallpaper glue from the walls
- Sand all the patches and wipe down all the walls

If there's one thing my dad taught me and my brothers about painting, it's that you always do a thorough clean-up of your tools at the end of each day. 

Saturday's Agenda
- Paint final coat of trim
- Paint oil-based primer on all the wallpaper walls (you have to do this so latex paint doesn't cause the wallpaper glue to goop up)

Yuck. Oil-primer is disgusting. Stir away bro. P.S. It's a horrible smell.

JT giving Chris some lessons on painting the windows... or maybe it's vice versa.

Prepping the stairs for trim paint.

JT doin' clean-up at the end of the day. Sush, don't tell him he has paint all over his arm. He's oblivious and has no idea. Too bad I'm a nice wife and pointed it out. I can't let him go out in public like that :)

After all day of painting, our hands were starting to do "the claw" and we were so tired. Frozen pizza and wine it is. Gotta love relaxing with fam and watching some college football.

Sunday's Agenda
- Final touch ups on trim
- Clean up the house for the contractors to come Monday morning

Because no one wants to see pictures of touch-ups, here's a few before/afters for the weekend:



BEFORE (with 2 coast of primer)

(don't you just love this light fixture?) 

A HUGE THANK YOU to my oldest bro, Chris, for helping us out. He's so wonderful to come a slave over our home for a weekend! Glad to know this will be a family effort and everyone can put a little "sweat-equity" into our home. A few other family members will be coming in the weeks to come also. It's gonna be a family affair.

On to a huge announcement... we have big plans to "open" up our first floor. It's a bit too closed off for us and we're open-floor-plan-kind-of people. We've looked a few contractors and after making our final selection, it's time to get started...

Monday's Agenda 
- Meet our contractor crew, Bailey Remodeling
- Visit the house at 5:30PM to see what progress they made

8AM, Getting set up

5:30PM, After 1 day of demo

Can you believe how different it looks?! AMAZING! I can't even imagine how awesome it's going to be once everything is finished. The entire job will be completed within 2 weeks and I can't wait to show you the steps through the process. 

Stay tuned for updates y'all. This is gonna be good.