Help Wanted: Landscaping

I need help and I'm not afraid to admit it. When we bought our house, JT and I had the perfect vision of what we wanted to do with the place and how we were going to fix it up. It's easy for us to see something and realize it's potential.

However, this is not the case when it comes to landscaping. I see a patch of land and I can imagine either grass or trees and that's pretty much it.

Many traits and wonderful qualities have been genetically passed down to me by my fantastic mother, however a green thumb was not one of those things. I never managed to keep plants alive in college and since then have shied away from owning them with the intention of waiting till we have a house that has sunlight and a yard... well, the time is here and now I need some help.

We have a spacious circular drive in front of our house and smack dab in front is a hideous cedar bush. I HATE cedar. It's horrible.

Good thing we had it removed yesterday! Here's a pic of them cutting down the monstrosity of a bush.


Tada! It's GONE!! 

Now... what should we put there? We need your advise. Take a look at what it looks like from the street and give us your ideas by commenting on this post. 

Here's a few things we're considering:
1. Put a nicer looking shrub there
2. Put a small tree
3. Rip out everything and just put grass over the entire area. 
4. Take advise from our friends and redo the entire area with new landscaping.

Can't wait to hear what you think we should do!