Doors, Chainsaws, and Jack

Last weekend our bodies hit a wall and we needed a bit of a break from the home renovations. Good thing Jack had planned a visit and NO home renovations were a part of the agenda :) We enjoyed good food, good company, and relaxation.

Here's a photo of JT and Jack at a local dive called Drake's. It's a great sports bar and will definitely be on our list of places to frequent when Jack comes to visit. Frankie's was our place of choice for our annual March Madness weekend with Jack in Dallas and Drake's just might be the place to go this coming March... we'll see.

Isn't that sign so properly placed?! Jack is such a gentleman :)

Jack headed back to Houston on Sunday and that left us with a good portion of the day to get some things done on the house... we just can't stay away!

Sunday's Agenda
- Paint all the doors
- Paint the downstairs baseboards
- Chop down our backyard

On our way over to the house, we called David, the guy who cut down our cedar bush in the front yard, to see if he would supply us with a free quote to remove 3 trees and 2 bushes from our backyard and then also cut down the massive amount of branches from our neighbors tree that are encroaching on our roof. Don't worry, all the trees/bushes were dying and nothing was able to be salvaged.

We don't own a chainsaw and don't have a trailer to haul off the massive amounts of debris, so David came knocking on our door just in time!

Here's a picture of what our backyard looked like when they arrived and then one of what it looks like now.



We have a yard, people!! Now all we need to do is pull up the weeds and ivy all over the ground, remove the rocks and concrete, lay sod, and then add a beautiful yellow lab :) 

While David and his brother were demolishing our yard, JT and I were inside painting all of our doors. We had NO idea how many doors were in our house. 

13 doors and 22 sliding panels to all our closets. That's a total of 35 doors that need to be primed and painted with 2 coats of semi-gloss white paint. 

Our minds had us moving much quicker on this project than our bodies had energy for. While the 1st coat of paint was drying, we went and painted the baseboards. 

We stayed WAY to late that night and still didn't get all the doors done. Turns out we had to go back this past Wed night to finish up. Enough about doors... here's what you've been waiting to see. Before and After's. 




Even though we only had 1 day of work underneath our belts, we still accomplished a major task that we both were dreading. But hey, we've got some pretty clean lookin' doors! Can't wait to install them and see what they look like.... more on that in the next post!